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2017–2018 Event Calendar for Current Members

Note that more detailed information will be shared with current members and their parents via email.  If you are a current member or parent and not receiving BE WiSE updates, please contact communityalliances@rhfleet.org.

September 23, 2017: Exploring the Brain
This workshop at the Center for Neural Circuits and Behavior on UCSD'c campus starts with a talk about what it means to be a graduate student, to study neuroscience, and to do your own research. Then, participants will do a quick primer on the brain and go over concepts that will be useful during the modules. Modules will include sheep neuroanatomy, comparative neuroanatomy, spike box, and human interface. Participants will also get to do lab tours to see where the work of neuroscience happens.

October 07, 2017: Totally Turbines
Join Solar Turbines for a hands-on activity and tour of production areas including: package assembly, turbine assembly, test, and controls. The activity and tour will be followed by lunch and a question and answer panel.

October 14, 2017: Engineering Week!
Join us at the Fleet Science Center and test your engineering skills by building amazing things. Join other BE WiSE members and work in teams to create the winning derby car, learn about engineering careers and the differences between different types of engineering.

October 21, 2017: Extreme Sailing Race Village
Represent BE WiSE at a booth for the Extreme Sailing Race, US Sailing Education Zone which is an area within Race Village at the Extreme Sailing Series Act 7, San Diego on Harbor Island, October 19-22. As part of the US Sailing Education Zone, there will be interactive, STEM based displays from US Sailing. Participants will have 2 hour shifts facilitating an interactive demo and talking about the BE WiSE program. They will also be able to experience the event.

November 04, 2017: Women Working Wonders with Water
Presented by Carollo & Pure Water San Diego, a panel of women engineers will discuss their engineering career path and will share their passion for working wonders with water and how they've made contributions in the early years of their careers. The workshop will also include a brief overview of water-related projects happening in the local San Diego Community, including both the Pure Water San Diego and a tour of the recently completed Carlsbad Desalination Plant.

November 11, 2017: Career Pathways in Biomedical Sciences
In this workshop at UCSD in the School of Medicine. Participants will learn about the various college pathways in biomedical sciences, tips on how to approach your dream college and career, and about topics in scientific research in academia. They will hear from an experienced female scientist communicating her career path and current research interests, then participants will dive into several 5 minute research pop-talks given by research scientists. BE WiSE girls will also be engaged in hands on activities to learn about neuroscience based research.

December 02, 2017: Hide and Go Seagrass
Participants will join SDSU’s Coastal Marine Institute to learn about seagrass habitat and why they are important, what makes seagrass beds a healthy habitat, and how different amounts of habitat structure can affect the animals that live in seagrass. They will also meet female scientists and engage in hands on activities.

December 09, 2017: Atomic Energy
General Atomics Energy/Fusion Group Welcomes BE WiSE Participants will receive and introduction to fusion and plasma science, learn about fusion, states of matter, and tokamak. They will also participate in hands on activities and learn about related career options including electrical engineer, plasma scientist, computer engineer, mechanical engineer, or the business and governmental support of big science projects.

December 19, 2017: Energy Innovation Center’s Green Building Showcase
Do you know what it takes to build a “green” building? Participants will be going through a variety of investigations towards the creation of a green building design. Participants will interact with solar circuits, a demonstration garden walk-through, and design software.

January 09, 2018 College Prep Night
State of College Admissions/Brady College Counseling guest speakers will discuss the steps of the college admissions process and provide information on college applications and what admissions is looking for, as well as a timeline to follow.

January 27, 2018 Restoring Native Habitats for Endangered Species in San Diego County
This workshop will cover general ecological principals and sampling methodologies used in San Diego County for habitat restoration projects. Field activities for the participants will include basic plant identification, vegetation mapping and vegetation sampling in a manner consistent with practices the presenters use on existing projects.

February 10, 2018: Scientific Research at the Scripps Research Institute
Participants will tour various laboratories at the Scripps Research Institute for various demonstrations in biology, chemistry, and biophysics in order to grasp what it’s like to be a researcher at a world renowned research institution. Then a panel of female graduate and post-doctoral researchers will answer questions regarding higher education and how to pursue a future in science.

February 10, 2018: Criminal Minds
Spend the morning at the San Diego Sheriff's Regional Crime Laboratory learning how the crime lab helps law enforcement solve crimes. There will be a presentation of the disciplines in the crime lab including firearms, narcotics, and fingerprints, and BE WiSE members will then learn more about DNA through a tour of the DNA unit and actual testing in the DNA laboratory. Use new skills to help solve a crime!

February 24, 2018: Delving into Diabetes Research
Join the UCSD Biomedical Sciences department to discover how physiological, histological, and morphological tests and techniques are applied when discovering new therapeutics for one of the largest growing health epidemics in the US: Diabetes. In a series of hands-on workshops, students will learn about diabetes and its side effects. In the morphometry lab students will learn about how skin samples of different species look under a microscope, what tissue processing is, and how nerves can be stained and quantified. Participants will also have time to talk one-on-one with scientists at lunch to about their path and their personal trajectory careers in science.

March 10, 2018: Pfenex, From Genes to Vaccine
Discover what the components of a vaccine are and learn, through hands-on activities, about all the steps involved from designing and cloning DNA coding for specific proteins, to fermenting and purifying large amounts of protein that will be used to make a vaccine.

March 30, 2018: Illuminating Illumina
Visit Illumina, the global leader in genomics. During this workshop, students will have the opportunity to learn about genomics, how genomics may impact the future of healthcare, various real-world applications and patient stories. Students will then tour campus, visit a customer training lab and interact with a panel of employees to hear about their education and career pathways.

TBD: Cyber Secret Identities
A hands-on privacy workshop with the identity theft resource center. October is Cyber Security Awareness Month! Do you know how much information is shared on the web through your accounts? This interactive workshop will empower BE WiSE members on their mobile devices and teach them how STEM careers are playing a role in the digital world.


More details and events will be added throughout the year!