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Driven to Explore

NASA's Mobile Exhibit

The Driven to Explore mobile exhibit
The Driven to Explore mobile exhibit
Driven to Explore ... being driven!
Driven to Explore ... being driven!

NASA's Driven to Explore mobile exhibit is a multi-media experience that immerses visitors in the story of NASA and specifically the International Space Station program. Visitors will learn about the role the space station plays as the centerpiece of human exploration efforts that allows us to perform technology demonstrations and scientific research only possible in microgravity, all while helping to improve life here on Earth and plan for missions into deep space. As part of this unique exploration experience, visitors have an out-of-this-world opportunity to touch a 4 billion-year-old moon rock brought back in 1972 aboard Apollo 17, which was the last time astronauts landed on the moon. The moon rock is one of only eight lunar samples in the world made available for the public to touch. Visitors will also learn:

  • Where future exploration plans will take humans.
  • How NASA will prepare for long-duration space travel.
  • Which next-generation vehicles and surface systems are destined for use exploring beyond low Earth orbit.
  • What robotic missions will be sent in advance to pave the way. 

NASA staff will be running the mobile exhibit and are happy to answer questions.

Driven to Explore will be in Balboa Park one day only, in front of the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center! Don't miss it! Through summer, you can enjoy the Fleet's many other Summer in Space offerings: Destination Station, Hidden Universe and Back to the Moon For Good. Plus, we offer monthly live, astronomer-led planetarium shows year round during The Sky Tonight