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Family Science Saturdays

Come to the Tinkering Studio every Saturday to participate in hands-on activities that allow for minds of all ages to be creative and innovative in a variety of topics.  From catapults to rockets, families are welcome to join in our Saturday tinkering with new topics each month!  Family Science Saturday activities are free with admission into the Science Center.


NEW! The Tinkerers' Club

Join us for the Tinkerers’ Club every Saturday in the Tinkering Studio! Dream it, create it, and take it home! Open to Tinkerers of all ages (with an accompanying adult). 

You can find more about the Tinkerers’ Club here!

August - All About Space

August 2

Week 1: Planetary Projects

Construct your own planet using the Tinkering Studio’s cool collection of materials.

August 9

Week 2: Rockets-Man!

Stomp Rockets and Straw Rockets. Using simple household items make your own fast—flying space ship. Test it out before you take it home.

August 16

Week 3: Star Art

Star Geometry! Tinkerers will use geometric forms and color to create exploded star-inspired artwork.

August 23

Week 4: Living in Space

Create your own Bio-Domes and “Martian Housing” from recycled and biodegradable materials.


August 30

Week 5: Red Rover, Red Rover, Explore All Over

Get up close to the Fleet’s model Lunar Rover and use it for inspiration to create your own space-inspired vehicles from recycled materials.


September 6

Week 1: Fun with Physics!

This month, Tinkerers will have the opportunity to conduct biology, physics and chemistry experiments in the Tinkering Studio.   

September 13

Week 2: Papier Mâché!

Use papier mâché to construct robots, rockets ships, hot air balloons and more from recycled materials. Paint and decorate your creations!

September 20

Week 3: Circuit Workshop!

Explore circuits! Learn the difference between closed circuits and open circuits. Use circuits to make your own lights, spinning motors and more.

September 27

Week 4: Camera Obscura

Explore the origins of photography and how the eye works. View the world upside down with your very own camera obscura.