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Maker Hour

Fusing Plastics in Studio X

Paper Weaving in Studio X

Marshmallow Shooters in Studio X

Maker Hour is a 21+ program offered by Studio X at the Fleet Science Center. Studio X is the Innovation and Maker Space that gives our visitors an opportunity to challenge their creativity through new experiences and exploration. Explore different STEAM topics through experimentation and enjoy an adults-only event where you can make and create using concepts that could lead to the next great innovation. Past Maker Hours have produced objects like camera obscuras for optimal eclipse viewing and comic book-themed drink coasters. 





Next Workshop: 

May 20

Macramé and Math. Did you know that tying knots is a form of math? Join us for Sunday Brunch and explore knot theory through macramé, a form of textile manipulation that uses knotting techniques instead of weaving or knitting. You can design and create your very own hanging macramé shelf for your home, office or as a gift. We’ll also talk about knots that make us crazy, knots that make awesome patterns and how knots are related to mathematics. Let’s get knotty!


Ages: 21+ 

Time: 11:30 - 2:00 p.m. 

Location: Studio X  

Tickets: Coming Soon