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Say Cheese!

A Four-Part Event Series About the Science of Cheese and Other Culinary Delights

Join the Fleet Science Center, Venissimo Cheese and Prager Bros Artisan Breads on Wednesday, September 7, 6:30–8:30 p.m. for our last installment of the Say Cheese event series: A Match Made in Heaven: Artisan Cheese & Bread.

We've all experienced it—something magical happens when artisan bread and cheese come together: It's an explosion of flavor and deliciousness. Join us as we explore this food magic with curated tastings by Venissimo Cheese and Prager Bros Artisan Breads. They'll stimulate your palate, and Dr. Rachel Dutton, fermentation expert and microbiologist at UCSD, will stimulate your mind as she shares the science behind both crafts.

Date: Wednesday, September 7
Time: 6:30–8:30 p.m.
Location: Prager Bros Artisan Breads, 5611 Palmer Way, Carlsbad, CA 92010

Price: $55, includes cheese and bread pairings as well as two glasses of wine.

About Venissimo Cheese:

Venissimo Cheese was founded by Gina & Roger Freize in San Diego in 2003. Venissimo's mission is to do for cheese what Starbucks® did for coffee! "Someday, camembert will be as well-known as cappuccino," says Cheese Wiz Gina. Venissimo does this by sharing the goodness & glory of cheese. Literally—when you visit the shops, you can taste anything you like. Friendly cheese mongers & descriptive receipts (complete with pronounciation, countries of origin, milk type & more) aim to take the intimidation out of artisinal cheese shopping.


About Prager Bros Artisan Breads:

Prager Bros is a draft bakery specializing in high-quality organic breads. Their mission is to restore the time-honored tradition of artisan bread making.