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Suds & Science

An Evening of Thinking and Drinking

Suds & Science
Suds & Science
Suds & Science at  Callahan’s Pub & Brewery
Suds & Science at Callahan’s Pub & Brewery

It’s not a scientific mystery that learning is more fun when you’re drinking with friends and colleagues. And thus, the idea for Suds & Science was born: bimonthly events that bring scientists face-to-face with the general public in a neighborhood bar. The evening begins with a 15- to 20-minute fun-yet-informative presentation, which kicks off an extended discussion between the scientist and the audience—all while the audience drinks along. You can learn about everything from the science of beer to superhero physics to the genius of genomes. All of that for the price of a beverage! Suds & Science puts the fun and spirit(s) back into science.


Location: Callahan's Pub & Brewery, 8111 Mira Mesa Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92126
Date: March 23rd
Time: 6.30pm to about 8pm
Topic: The Truth about Food: How the sustainer of life can become poison.

Eventbrite - Suds &  Science - The Truth About Food: How the Sustainer of Life can Become Poison


It's commonly known that some foods are better for you than others, but did you know that even foods and beverages normally considered healthy can have additives or contaminants that can make them unhealthy, hazardous and even life-threatening? Do charred burgers really cause cancer?  Will mercury in fish disrupt your nervous system?  Is caffeine addiction real? Oftentimes, it's not so much what you eat but how much you eat that makes the difference. Join Dr. Roger Clemens and Dr. Claire Kruger from this year's Society of Toxicology Annual Meeting, being held in San Diego, to learn what you can safely consume, what you should be cautious about, and why.


Claire L. Kruger, PhD, DABT, CFS
President, Spherix Consulting, Inc.

Dr. Kruger is President of Spherix Consulting, Inc. With more than 25 years of consulting experience, her primary area of expertise is in foods, pharmaceuticals, and consumer products where she provides scientific, regulatory, and strategic support to clients in both the US and international regulatory arenas. Dr. Kruger has conducted health risk assessments and managed regulatory submissions for notifications/approvals of food ingredients (GRAS), drugs (IND/NDA), dietary supplements (NDIN), and medical devices (510k). She is co-editor of Hayes' Principles and Methods of Toxicology, 6th Edition, and is an Associate Editor, Food and Chemical Toxicology.



Roger A. Clemens, DrPH, CFS, CNS, FACN, FIFT, FIAFST
Adjunct Professor, Pharmacology & Pharmaceutical Sciences

USC School of Pharmacy, International Center for Regulatory Science

Dr. Clemens is co-founder and VP of scientific operations for PolyScience Consulting.  He is an Adjunct Professor of Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences within the USC School of Pharmacy.  He served as Scientific Advisor for Nestlé USA for more than 21 years and consultant and Chief Scientific Officer for Horn for a decade.  Dr. Clemens has published more than 50 original manuscripts in nutrition and food science, participated in more than 300 invited domestic and international lectures, and served as an expert panel member for the food industry, scientific organizations, trade associations and regulatory agencies in the US, Canada and Europe.


May 18th through May 20th, 2015: Suds & Science teams up with the international program Pint of Science for 3 nights of engaging science conversations! Yes, that’s right! 3 Nights!

Stay tuned for topics, speakers, locations and times. We will add all of the info soon!

If you’d like to learn more about Pint of Science, check out their fabulous website: http://pintofscience.com/



Date: July 13th, 2015 – Location TBD!

Time: 6.30pm to about 8pm

Topic: CSI & Bones: Hollywood Fluff or Real Forensic Anthropology?


Eventbrite - Suds & Science - CSI & Bones: Hollywood Fluff or Real Forensic Anthropology?


Can a determination of male or female be made by measuring the hip axis? What can bones really tell us about a person’s life style? And does every forensic crime lab have an “Angelatron”?

Join Dr. Arion Mayes, from SDSU’s department of Anthropology, as she takes apart some of our favorite crime TV shows and shares how modern forensic anthropology helps law enforcement agencies to solve crime.



Date: November 9th, 2015 – Location to be announced soon!

Time: 6.30pm to approximately 8pm

Topic: GMO's: the Facts, the Myths and the Hype


Eventbrite - Suds & Science - GMO's: the Facts, the Myths and the Hype


We have all heard many arguments for and against GMOs in our diet. Join Emily Burke, PhD, as she explains what GMOs are and what we need to understand about them.