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Summer Camps

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Full day camps are not available for purchase online. Please call Client Services at (619) 238-1233 ext. 806.

Members $120 per weekly camp; Nonmembers $135 per weekly camp  - See more at: http://www.rhfleet.org/events/summer-camps#sthash.uxMaIs3k.dpuf
Half-Day and Full-Day Camps

Half-Day Camps

The Fleet runs weekly, half-day summer camps each summer. The camps are designed to be fun, educational and hands-on and to incorporate the Fleet’s exhibit galleries.

To further enhance the summer camp experience and as a convenience to you, many Balboa Park institutions—including the Fleet—coordinate their half-day summer camps so kids can spend a full day in the park. Staff members at participating institutions escort children from one camp to another during a supervised lunch hour. This means that a child can be dropped off at a morning camp at the Fleet and picked up from an afternoon camp at a different venue. Parking is limited during summer months so please plan accordingly.


Most camps are offered either 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. or 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.


Pricing per Fleet half-day week:

Non-Members- $145

Members- $130


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Jr. Adventurers: Simple Machines

June 15–19; 9–11am - SOLD OUT

Find out how gizmos like wedges, wheels and levers help us in our daily lives. Become a simple machine master and create incredible levels, partake in a ramp race, create catapults and more!

Pre-Kindergarten camps are designed to complement the learning environment of our Kid City exhibition. These camps are appropriate for children ages 3–5 and an accompanying adult.


Bubbles, Boats and Beyond

August 17–21; 9–11am  - Limited Spaces Remaining

Ahoy Mates! It’s time to lather on the sunscreen and put on your swim trunks for some summertime fun! Explore buoyancy by building boats, investigating bubbles and perform other crazy water experiments.

Pre-Kindergarten camps are designed to complement the learning environment of our Kid City exhibition. These camps are appropriate for children ages 3–5 and an accompanying adult.


Space Explorer

June 15–19; 9–11amSOLD OUT

Blast off on an exploration of our solar system and beyond. Discover what it is like to be an astronaut while investigating planets, moons and stars.


Grades 1-2

Energy Explorers

June 22–26; 9am–12 noonLimited Spaces Remaining

Light up your day and get noisy! Delve into the world of light, sound, motion and more. Learn about the many forms of energy while building windmills, investigating solar panels, designing musical instruments and creating chemical reactions.


Gross & Gooey Science

June 22–26; 1–4pm - SOLD OUT

July 27–31; 9am–12 noon - SOLD OUT

Ewww! What’s that? Explore the science of everything slimy, gooey and gross. Make your own gooey concoctions to take home.


Body Basics

June 29–July 2; 9am–12 noon - SOLD OUT

How strong are bones? What causes hiccups? Discover the answers to these questions and many more while exploring the human body inside and out. Use microscopes, models and more to discover what makes your body tick! (No camp on July 3)



June 29–July 2; 1–4pm

Creativity and scientific thinking go hand-in-hand with this imaginative class. Explore the properties of materials and discover what happens when you mix artistic ingredients. (No camp on July 3)


Super Solar System

July 6–10; 9am–12 noon - SOLD OUT

August 10–14; 1–4pm - SOLD OUT

Can you skate on the rings of Saturn? Was there ever life on Mars? Unlock the secrets of our solar system in this cosmic class. Learn why the seasons change on Earth and why the sun is so important to our everyday lives.


Wizards Workshop

July 6–10; 1–4pm - Limited Spaces Remaining

Use science to simulate the magic of your favorite sorcerers from books and movies. We’ll mix up chemical concoctions and perform super science spells that are sure to amaze your friends and family. You won’t believe your eyes!


Ahoy! Arggg! Pirate Camp

July 13–17; 1–4pm - Limited Spaces Remaining

Ahoy Matey! It takes more than plundering and pillaging to be a pirate. Discover how to design a catapult, create a compass, build a boat and other important pirate skills. Eye patches, peg legs, and talking parrots not included.


Spy Camp

July 20–24; 1–4pm Limited Spaces Remaining

Calling all secret agents! Create mysterious messages to conceal your identity and discover and create tools that make James Bond so sneaky. Come join us on this Mission Impossible!


Chemistry in the Kitchen

July 27–31; 1–4pm

August 10-14; 9am–12 noon - SOLD OUT

See regular household items in a new and exciting way! Working with many materials found in an average home, we will interactively demonstrate many of the amazing science possibilities of our everyday lives.


Superhero Science

August 3–7; 9am–12 noon SOLD OUT

Faster than a speeding comet, more powerful than a locomotive, it’s Superhero Science! Join us for a behind-the-mask look into the powers of your favorite superheroes. You’ll discover how friction, magnetism and gravity play a role in super-human feats. For added fun, come dressed as your favorite superhero character.


Young Tinkerers

August 3–7; 1–4pmSOLD OUT

Have you ever wondered how a toaster toasts or what a computer looks like on the inside? Get ready to disassemble and tinker with household objects in this hands-on class. Tools provided—just bring your imagination!


Weird & Wacky Science

August 17–21; 9am–12 noon - SOLD OUT

Mad scientists wanted! Many everyday phenomena that we take for granted can be explained by science. Hypothesize, experiment and discover the answers to mysteries through scientific inquiry.


Grades 3-4

Young Engineers

June 22–26; 9am–12 noon - SOLD OUT

Design, construct and test your engineering masterpieces. Use the planks in our “Block Busters!” exhibition to design the tallest tower or build the longest bridge. Return to the classroom to build castles, boats and buildings out of unexpected materials.



June 22-26; 1–4pm - Limited Spaces Remaining

July 13–17; 9am–12 noonSOLD OUT

Calling all technology enthusiasts! Design and test robots, create your own inventions and test a variety of games and electronics.


Extreme Earth

June 29–July 2; 9am–12 noon - Limited Spaces Remaining

Learn about earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis and other natural phenomena! Discover how science experts try to understand our dynamic earth and try to predict the future. (No camp on July 3)


Magic for Muggles

June 29–July 2; 1–4pm (No camp on July 3) - SOLD OUT

July 20–24; 9am–12 noon - SOLD OUT

The “School of Wizardry” is in session! Unleash your imagination and creativity while investigating the science behind potions, astronomy, magical creatures and more. 


Space Camp

July 6–10; 9am–12 noon - SOLD OUT

Blast off with this exciting exploration of the skills needed for a successful space mission. Top off the week with a simulated mission in the Nierman Challenger Learning Center.


Construction Crew

July 6–10; 1–4pm

Grab your hard hat and join us for a camp devoted to the science of construction. Use the KEVA planks in our “Block Busters” exhibition to design the tallest tower or build the longest bridge. Return to the classroom to build castles, boats, and buildings out of unexpected materials.


Forces Everywhere!

July 27–31; 9am–12 noon - SOLD OUT

Have fun with invisible forces all around you! In this electrifying class you will create homemade circuits, electromagnets and experiment with motors. You’ll be shocked by how much you learn!


Cool Chemistry

July 27–31; 1–4pm - SOLD OUT

This camp has cool chemical tricks for any student’s repertoire! Marveling at dry ice, examining acids and bases and characterizing chemical reactions make this class a fun, messy favorite!


Grades 5-6

Astronaut Camp

July 13–17; 9am–12 noon - SOLD OUT

Have you ever dreamed of becoming an astronaut? Now you can come closer to making your dream a reality. Learn what space flight is like, create and launch your own rockets, experience the teamwork required for a successful flight, and put your new knowledge to the test in two different simulated space missions to the Moon AND Mars!


Chemistry With a Bang!

July 13–17; 1–4pm - Limited Spaces Remaining

Explore the basics of chemistry through loud, colorful and shocking activities. Create chemical compounds, analyze acids and bases, make things glow and whip up a few “explosive” reactions.


Maker Camp

August 10–14; 9am–12 noonSOLD OUT

Join the Maker movement and craft, tinker and create your own devices. What will you make?



August 10–14; 1–4pm - Limited Spaces Remaining

Become a Crime Scene Investigator in this thrilling class! Search for clues, collect evidence and solve a crime!


Grades 5-8


Women Scientists in Action

July 20–24; 9am–12 noon - SOLD OUT

Girl power! Join us for an all new “science sampler” just for girls. Each day we’ll explore a new field of science. You’ll interact with local women scientists, participate in incredible hands-on experiments and investigate careers in science and engineering.


Unseen Science

July 20–24; 1–4pm

Take a closer look at the world around you–you might be surprised at what you find! Explore Nano science, learn microscope techniques and slow things down with your own time-lapse videos.



Grades 7-8


Robotics Garage

August 3–7; 9am–12 noon - Limited Spaces Remaining

Can you design a machine to do your homework? Well, maybe not, but in this challenging class you will work in teams using LEGO Mindstorms to construct and program competition-style robots to perform complex tasks. Test your robotics skills with exciting contests throughout the week.

Please note: an additional materials fee is required for this class. Click here for pricing.


Zombie Camp

August 3–7; 1–4pm

Zombies have invaded our summer camp! What will you need to know about genes, infection and survival to protect Balboa Park from a zombie apocalypse?

Please note: an additional materials fee is required for this class. Click here for pricing.



Computer Programming Half-Day Camps - Provided by ThoughtSTEM

Pricing for half-day week:

Non-Members - $325

Members - $300


Do you enjoy playing Minecraft? Join Modding Minecraft this summer and learn how to Mod Minecraft by making Custom Blocks and Items, creating and controlling Mobs or making your own Mini Games. Test out your creation in the Minecraft Simulator and even run it in your Minecraft at home!

Grades 4-6

Custom Items

July 20–24; 9am–12 noon

August 10–14; 1–4pm


Custom Blocks

July 20–24; 1–4pm

July 27–31; 9am–12 noon


Mob AI           

July 27–31; 1–4pm

August 3–7; 9am–12 noonLimited Spaces Remaining



August 3–7; 1–4pm

August 10–14; 9am–12 noon


Full-Day Camps

Do your kids love science? We are now offering full-day Summer Camps on selected weeks to accommodate the science enthusiasts in your family! Full-day camps at the Fleet are hands-on, engaging and priced at a discounted rate. Please scroll to the bottom of the page for full-day camp information.

Full day camps is not available for purchase online. Please call Client Services at (619) 238-1233 ext. 806.

Full-Day Camps are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Pricing for Fleet full-day weeks:

Non-Members- $255

Members- $225


Grades 1-2

June 22–26 SOLD OUT

Energy Explorers and Gross & Gooey Science


June 29–July 2 - SOLD OUT

Body Basics and Art-ology


July 6–10 - SOLD OUT

Super Solar System and Wizards Workshop


July 27–31 - SOLD OUT

Gross & Gooey Science and Chemistry in the Kitchen


August 3–7 - SOLD OUT

Superhero Science and Young Tinkerers


August 10–14 - SOLD OUT

Chemistry in the Kitchen and Super Solar System

Grades 3-4

June 22–26 SOLD OUT

Young Engineers and eCamp


June 29–July 2 - SOLD OUT

Extreme Earth and Magic for Muggles


July 6–10

Space Camp and Construction Crew


July 27–31 - SOLD OUT

Forces Everywhere! and Cool Chemistry

Grades 5-6

July 13–17 - SOLD OUT

Astronaut Camp and Chemistry With a Bang!


August 10–14 - SOLD OUT

Maker Camp and CSI

Grades 5-8

July 20–24 - SOLD OUT

Women Scientists in Action and Unseen Science

Grades 7-8

August 3-7

Robotics Garage* and Zombie Camp*

*Please note: an additional materials fee is included. Total price for this full-day camp is $310 for Members/$330 for Non-Members