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Tinkerers' Club

Tinkerer's Club
Tinkerer's Club
Tinkerer's Club
Tinkerer's Club
Tinkerer's Club
Tinkerer's Club
Tinkerer's Club
Tinkerer's Club
Tinkerer's Club
Tinkerer's Club
Tinkerer's Club
Tinkerer's Club
Tinkerer's Club
Tinkerer's Club
Tinkerer's Club
Tinkerer's Club
Tinkerer's Club
Tinkerer's Club

Join us for the Tinkerers’ Club on Saturdays in the Tinkering Studio! Dream it, create it, and take it home!

Tinkerers are invited to learn new skills and make awesome take-home projects! Open to tinkerers of all ages (tinkerers 12 and under require an accompanying adult). 

Price per project:

Members: $17
embers: $20

Register Today

Gallery admission is not required. Tinkerers who would like to enjoy the rest of the Fleet after the workshop may purchase admission at a discounted rate. Participants meet at the main entrance ticket counter at 10:15 a.m.

Science Center members can always enjoy access to the exhibit galleries with their current membership pass. Members must purchase Tinkerers' Club tickets at the ticket counter.

Quantities are limited and may not be available the day of the activity. Sign up early to secure your spot!

Questions? Call the Fleet at: (619) 238-1233 ext. 806


Collaborative Maker Workshops with local artists & organizations.


Members: $20
Nonmembers: $25

Lizette Greco specializes in fiber sculpture, textile art and costume design. Her 3D shapes were a favorite at the Plush Art Summer Camp hosted by the New Children’s Museum in 2011. Our Tinkering Specialists and Lizette will help you explore sustainability through up-cycling materials and the use of sewing machines in producing your Tinkering creations.

Danny Spainhour is the founder of To All That We Are (TATWA), a lifestyle brand that encourages self-expression and focuses on cultivating your inner creativity and sense of adventure. Danny and our Tinkering Specialists will help you explore screen-printing through an environmentally safe medium with practical applications that you might one day use to start your own t-shirt company.

The San Diego Model Railroad Museum preserves the heritage of railroading through a series of miniature representations of California railroads, as well as research and preserve the history of model railroading.



January 23

Marshmallow Shooters

Why eat marshmallows when you can launch them at your friends? Join us this Saturday to use power tools and ingenuity to construct your very own marshmallow launching device.



February 6

Mechanical Hands 

Our hands are incredible machines that allow us to manipulate the world around us. In this Tinkerers’ Club we’ll study human hand anatomy and build a simple mechanical hand using everyday objects.

February 13

Rubber Band Cars 

Design and build a car that travels using energy stored in a rubber band. Learn about the forces acting on cars and experiment to see if you can make your car go faster or farther.

February 20

Joule Thief 

Don’t throw those dead batteries away! Join us for this very special circuit workshop where we will show you how to design a circuit that steals joules from “dead” batteries and uses the collected energy to power an LED.

Dead batteries are included.

February 27 [Collaborative Maker Workshop]

Playing with Polymers

Maker: Lizette Greco

Member: $20
Nonmember: $25

Approximately eight million metric tons of plastic end up in our oceans each year. Be a part of the solution! Learn how to “up-cycle” some of the common plastics thrown away and turn them into objects for everyday use. Grocery bags, bubble wrap and produce sacks become jewelry, wallets, notebooks and more. Imagine the possibilities! 



March 5 [Collaborative Maker Workshop]

Re-usable Bags and Wax Stencil

Maker: Lizette Greco

Member: $20
Nonmember: $25

We will continue our Sustainable practices with Lizette Grecco as we explore re-usable bags and wax-stenciling. Learn how to up-cycle an old t-shirt and give it new life as an everyday bag for groceries or to take to school. Use a technique called wax-stenciling, to create design work on your re-usable bag. 

March 12 & 19 [Collaborative Maker Workshop]

Tinkering Studio Collaboration with SDMRM - Magnetic Levitation Trains

Member: $20
Nonmember: $25

Join us for a very special two part collaborative workshop with the San Diego Model Railroad Museum. On week one features an exciting history lesson and exploration of train technology at the Model Railroad Museum. For week two we come back to the Tinkering Studio at the Fleet where Tinkerers will create their own magnetic levitation train model that they can take home!

Workshop admission will be sold in a two-class block.

March 26

Geometric String Art

Explore the math behind string art and create geometric designs with string, wood and nails. Tinkerers’ will prepare their three-dimensional surface and use basic hand tools to create the frame for the string patterns.  



April 2

Hydro Pump Rockets 

Tinkerers of all ages will design a Hydro Pump Rocket, similar to what is used on the space shuttle! This project demonstrates rocket propulsion. 

April 9 & 16 [Collaborative Maker Workshop]

Science of Serigraphy

Maker: Danny Spainhour   

Member: $20
Nonmember: $25

Tinkerers will explore the science of serigraphy, also known as screen printing. In the first class, Tinkerers will use eco-friendly ingredients to make their own printing medium and begin building their printing screen while also learning and exploring real-world applications for screen-printing. In the second workshop, Tinkerers will finish the construction of their printing screens and make their very own eco-friendly screen prints. Danny will show us how multi-color prints are made easy with large screen-printing rigs. Workshop admission will be sold in a two-class block. 

April 23


Make a miniature garden for your desk. Learn how to create a friendly terrarium environment for your plants and personalize the garden by adding miniature objects you create. Will it be a farm, fairy garden, Martian landscape or something completely out of your imagination? 

April 30

Paper Circuits 

Explore conductive materials, LED technology, soldering irons and more to create artistic paper circuits that light up when the circuit is closed. Design a decorative image, interactive art piece or something from your imagination! 

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