We’re Open Today
10:00am to 6:00pm

Two Scientists Walk Into a Bar™

50 Scientists. 25 Bars. One Night.
All Over San Diego County.

What sounds like the beginning of a rather bad joke is actually a fun, new community program by the Fleet Science Center. During Two Scientists Walk Into a Bar, local scientists will enjoy something we all do: a good conversation in a local bar. Join them, and ask them anything you want! They'll be easy to spot. Just look for the sign that reads: "We are scientists. Ask us anything!" 

We love hearing the questions being asked and seeing pictures of all the fun, so if you participate, be sure to post on social media, and tag the Fleet and use the hashtag #2scientists. 

Breaking news! Two Scientists Walk Into a Bar will be back on Thursday, October 19!  Stay tuned as we line up the bars and the scientists over the next month!

Participating Bar:


Science Fields:






















































Have a suggestion on where else the Two Scientists would be welcome? Email us at scienceontherocks@rhfleet.org.

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Two Scientist Walk Into a Bar is a registered trademark of the Fleet Science Center.