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Winter Camps

December 2015

The Reuben H. Fleet Science Center is offering two weeks of full-day science fun this winter! Grades 1–3 can enjoy camp themes based on Imaginate—the Fleet’s newest exhibition that’s built on interactive play, creativity and supporting the process of innovation. Sign up for a single day or enroll for multiple days of fun! Please click here to be added to our mailing list.  

Non-Member Camp Tickets

Member Camp Tickets

Members $50 per day
Nonmembers $55 per day

Call 619-238-1233 x806 for more information.

Dates and topics are listed below:

Science Winter Camp

December 21: Expect the Unexpected
All science is methodical and predictable, right? Not in this program! Be wowed by science phenomena and how easily your senses can be tricked.
December 22: So You Think You Can Fly
The ingenuity of flight is remarkable. Join us as we learn the basics of flight and look to nature and other inspiration to pioneer your own flying devices.
December 23: Try, Try, Try Again 
Learn what it takes to be a scientist by testing, tweaking and retesting. Complete a variety of experiments, like a viscosity investigation and a shiny penny challenge, to see if you have what it takes!
December 28: Chain Reaction
Use natural forces and your own imagination to make something happen. Make a marble roller coaster, a Keva contraption and a Rube Goldberg device with your class!
December 29: Lights, Camera, Action!
Learn about optics and filming techniques. Create a mini video and a stop-motion video with friends.
December 30: Toys in Motion
Open-ended challenges encourage curious minds! Make mechanical toys, like automata, and learn basic programming skills to make a Pico Cricket robot.
December 31: Collaborate or Compete
Use teamwork to complete blind builds and collaborate with your group to develop a helmet crash test.


ThoughtSTEM Computer Programming Winter Camp

Magical Minecraft Mods

This winter break you can learn to write Minecraft Mods that will dazzle your friends! Each day you’ll learn how to customize your Minecraft experience with either custom blocks or items, creatures, schematics and even an entire mini-game! Join us for one day or multiple days and be on your way to becoming a true Minecraft Modding magician!

Members $60 per day
Nonmembers $65 per day


Call 619-238-1233 x806 for more information.

Dates and topics are listed below:

December 21: Blocks
Create Custom Blocks that have supernatural properties and new textures.
December 22: Items
Build Minecraft Items that have magical properties and new textures.
December 23: Wands 
Create a Custom Minecraft Wand that will help yield magical powers!
December 28: Creatures 
What creatures might you find in an enchanted forest? Learn how to create these creatures using Custom Minecraft.
December 29: Sidekick 
Develop your own Minecraft Sidekick that will help you defend against magical enemies.
December 30: Schematic 
Create a Custom Minecraft Schematic that you can load into your world as your own wizard tower or dwelling!
December 31: Mini-Game 
Have you ever created a Minecraft Mini-Game that requires you to be a magician to play? We’ll teach you how!