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10:00am to 6:00pm

Fit-a-Brick Build Zone

The Fit-a-Brick Build Zone is a hands-on space where LEGO lovers can explore their creativity and build their own creations with LEGO bricks or LEGO DUPLO blocks. Conceived by Fleet Science Center staff as a companion to The Art of the Brick exhibition, The Fit-a-Brick Build Zone will feature adult and kid-sized work stations and a display area for visitors to share their most impressive creations.

Daily challenges incorporate elements of STEAM to encourage builders to explore new feats in LEGO engineering. Preschoolers get their very own brick-building area using jumbo beginners' blocks.

Sponsored by Genentech


Daily Challenge Schedule:


1 Brick-Tech
I am a robot, I like robots. Design a robot!

2 Brick-engineering
Sink or swim… boat challenge! Is it a tall ship or is it a speed boat?

3 Brick-itecture
You enter a contest to build the world's tallest tower. Will you win?

4 Add-a-Brick
What can yo build with ONLY 45 bricks?

5 Brick-Art
Mondrian-ism! Create imaginary using only primary colours!

6 Bio Bricks
Everybody needs one! Build a heart out of bricks. Brick, brick, brick, brick.

7 Brick-Tech
I want to go fast! Design a protype for the worlds' fastest car!

8 Space Bricks
Red Rover, Red Rover! Design a Mars Rover.

9 Bio Bricks
Show us your DNA!

10 Add-a-Brick
1+1+1= Build with 3 people and collaborate on one awesome design.

11 Brick-Art
Re-create a famous work of art in LEGO?

12 Space Bricks
Show us the future of terraforming the Martian landscape.

13 Brick-Tech
High speed trains! San Diego to New York City in TOP SPEED!

14 Brick-itecture
Bauhaus bricks! Show us your modern architecture.

15 Brick-gineering
Design a bridge that can withstand a disaster.

16 Brick-Art
Portraiture! Re-create a famous face with LEGO bricks.

17 Space Bricks
Fly By's! Create a satellite for Deep Space Exploration.

18 Brick-Tech
LEGO phoned! Design the next great cell phone with bricks.

19 Brick-itecture
You are hired to build a house entirely out of yellow LEGOS.

20 Brick-gineering
There can be more than one! Let's see your Great Wall.

21 Bio Bricks
It's a zoo in here! Re-create your favorite zoo animal with Bricks!

22 Add-a-Brick
What can you create with 25 bricks?

23 Bio Bricks
Underwater Horse race! Can you create a sea horse?

24 Add-a-Brick
10-Brick challenge! Build on your own, or multiply your bricks with friends and family.

25 Brick-itecture
Architects on Mars! Design a Martian Colony.

26 Space Bricks
NASA needs a spaceship for Deep Space.

27 Brick-gineering
Walk like an Egyptian! Think you can build a Great Pyramid?

28 Brick-Tech
Create a new technology inspired by something found in nature!

29 Brick-Art
Help us build our ofrenda for Dia de los Muertos!

30 Space Bricks
The Doctors needs a new Tardis! Will it be bigger on the inside?

31 Brick-gineering
Candy catapult! Design a catapult that can launch Halloween candy!