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Look! Touch! Listen!

Use Your Senses; Engage Your Mind

Spin a disk on its side and watch it do the unexpected. Reach through a twisting tornado. Eavesdrop on friends.

Located throughout the entire Science Center are fun interactive science exhibits that will test your knowledge, engage your senses and maybe surprise you with what you discover about the world around you. Our hands-on exhibits are designed for all ages and cover a wide variety of science phenomena from perception and astronomy to electricity and technology. With more than 80 permanent exhibits for you to explore (and more coming all the time) you’re sure to discover something new you didn’t know!

Just a sample of Fleet favorites:

The Tornado

Tornado…allows you to see a tornado appear, then unpredictably disappear right before their eyes. The design of the exhibit encourages you to touch the tornado and experiment with ways of interacting with it.

The Turntable

Turntable…designed like a giant record turntable, is a definite crowd-pleaser! The middle portion rotates freely so you can take on the challenge of trying to keep the small metal disks and rings on their edge on the spinning disk. Discover that a ring spinning on its edge may stay on the turntable for a while, orbiting the center. A disk laid flat will move in a straight line as soon as it slides off the turntable.

Whisper Dishes

Whisper DishesThis exhibit consists of two large parabolic reflectors set at 50 feet apart that act as mirrors to reflect sound from one to the other. Two people sit opposite each other at approximately the focal point for each dish, so that the sound coming from each is focused at this point, allowing you to clearly hear another person’s voice, even at a very low decibel, in spite of the distance separating the dishes. What happens when you stand between the two dishes when others are speaking? You’ll be amazed by what you hear!