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workshopsHelp make your field trip to the Fleet one your students won’t forget by scheduling an entertaining and educational workshop with hands-on activities designed to inspire the scientist in us all.


In addition to the workshops below, all of our Science To Go programs are available as on-site workshops in the Fleet’s Learning Labs.


Programs are scheduled in two-hour blocks to allow for setup and breakdown times.


Making Reservations: We offer 2 ways to place your reservation request:


$155.00 per workshop (25 students or less)
Each additional student: $6
Gallery admission included.

Prices subject to change without notice. Maximum of 34 students and 8 adults.


Click on the titles below for details.

*Denotes workshops also available as a Science To Go program, based on availability. Kindergarten Science To Go programs are one hour in length.

Float or Sink

(1 hour) Pre-K (Ages 4-5 only)

Does a bowling ball float? Students make predictions, test ideas, and observe outcomes as they explore the world of floating and sinking objects.

Making Sense of It All *

(1.5 hours) Kindergarten

Ugh! What’s that smell? Students will hear, see, smell, taste, and touch their way though this multi-sensory workshop.

Habitats *

(1.5 hours) Grades K-2

Students sharpen their observation skills while exploring why animals live in different habitats. Students will investigate a terrarium, learn about adaptations and mimic the eating habits of different species of birds.

Weather Watchers *

(1.5 hours) Grade K-3

Students take on the role of meteorologists to discover what makes the weather. They’ll explore why weather changes and then create instruments to measure it.

Simple Machines

(1.5 hours) Grade 2

In this inventive workshop, students encounter simple machines in everyday life and learn how they work. They use levers, wheels, screws, pulleys, and more to solve tasks and create gadgets.

Sensational Solar System *

(1.5 hours) Grade 3-5

Learn fascinating information about our neighboring planets and discover why our solar system is so unique with these out-of-this-world activities.

Electric Avenue

(1.5 hours) Grade 4

Use an inquiry-based approach to understand the relationship between electricity and magnetism. Shocking experiments illuminate this challenging subject.

Geology Rocks!

(1.5 hours) Grade 4

Junior rock hounds hone their observation and interpretation skills while exploring the rock cycle and its relationship to the formation and classification of rocks.

Body Works *

(1.5 hours) Grade 5

Explore the “ins and outs” of the digestive and circulatory systems. Students discover exactly what happens to the hamburgers they had for lunch and how hard their hearts must work to keep them moving.

Chemistry Concepts *

(1.5 hours) Grade 5

Take an intimate look at the indicators of a chemical change in this inquiry-based investigation of the properties of matter.

Solar Science

(1.5 hours) Grade 6

Explore the fundamentals of radiant energy. Students learn how the sun heats the Earth and then compete in a solar design challenge. A great complement to our exhibition “So WATT! An Illuminating Look at Energy.”

Discovering DNA

(1.5 hours) Grade 6-8

What do broccoli, bacteria, and humans have in common? Learn all about the “blueprint” for life in this interactive workshop. Extract DNA from plant material and take home a sample!

Forces in Action *

(1.5 hours) Grade 6-8

Have fun with physics in this fast-paced workshop. Using roller coasters, parachutes, and pendulums, students explore motion, unbalanced forces, friction, velocity, and more.