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Team Building Corporate Missions

Getting team members all on the “same page” is critical for success. But in today’s “I don’t have time” work environment, the question is how?

Now there are programs designed to help your team get and stay on the same page, but with less time and effort and a lot more fun!

The Reuben H. Fleet Science Center brings you several opportunities to fly missions into outer space with your business colleagues. Blast teams into outer space using the high tech simulator at the Nierman Challenger Learning Center, located at the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center, and return them to Earth with improved teamwork skills and increased clarity and commitment to their workplace missions.

Flying into outer space teaches teamwork because it requires all members of the group to work together effectively. Between trips to the simulator, participants debrief, and apply lessons learned to the real world.

Program Descriptions

Return to the Moon

2 hours

The year is 2020, and for the first time since Apollo 17 in 1972, your crew of astronauts is traveling to the Moon. Their goals are to establish a permanent base to make further lunar observations, study the feasibility of creating a self-sustaining lunar settlement, and serve as a stepping stone for future manned planetary exploration. Navigating their way into lunar orbit, your group will:

  • Launch a probe to deliver equipment to the Moon’s surface
  • Analyze data to select a landing site
  • Calculate the thrust needed to leave Earth’s orbit and enter lunar orbit
  • Understand the gravitational attraction of the Moon to Earth
  • Conduct investigations and make observations using scientific tools
  • Understand lunar topography


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