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The Fleet Inquiry Institute for Educators

The Fleet Inquiry Institute is the educator professional development arm of the Fleet Science Center’s Education Department.  For additional information about current programs please contact the Fleet Inquiry Institute at (619) 238-1233 x722 or by email.  


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The Fleet Inquiry Institute offers educator professional development programs at the Fleet Science Center, off-site at schools and at community events. Programs are offered to groups of 10 or more on any day of the week, including school breaks. Are you interested in booking a workshop for your team? Please visit Offsite Programs for Educators



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Upcoming Educator Programs

Next-Gen Science Education Conference

Cost: $60 (to Next-Gen)
Date: November 4
Time: 8 a.m.–3 p.m.
Where: San Diego Miramar College, 10440 Black Mountain Road, San Diego, CA 92126

The Fleet Science Center will present two sessions at the Next-Gen Science Education Conference. Fleet topics include a session on tinkering and the engineering design process (presented by Ashanti Davis) and a session on collaborative classroom experiences through the use of variables (presented by Jason Mizerek). 

Additional Conference Information:
The San Diego Science Education Conference (SDSEC) is returning this fall as the Next-Gen Science Education Conference at San Diego Miramar College. Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) for Physical Science, Life Science, Earth and Space Sciences, and Engineering and Science Practices will be emphasized with pedagogy to integrate into your classroom. Converse with colleagues and get new ideas and activities to use in your classroom!



Educator Professional Development, STEM in Your Backyard

STEM in Your Backyard

Cost: Free
Date: November 18
Time: 11 a.m.–Noon
Where: Madison High School, 4833 Doliva Dr, San Diego, CA 92117

An Artful Approach to Better Science. Increase student observation skills through a teaching strategy made popular in art galleries. Apply this teaching strategy across all disciplines, including in the science classroom. This educator workshop is a part of Biocom Institute’s monthly STEM in Your Backyard event.



Teachers Eating Pizza: A Night of Astronomy

Cost: Free with refundable deposit
Date: First Wednesday of the Month
Time: 5–8 p.m.
Where: Fleet Science Center

Pizza, Planets and a star show in our Planetarium—all in one night! Join your fellow teachers for an evening engaging in interdisciplinary astronomy content that can be immediately implemented in your classroom. 

November's Topic: Human Space Travel and Space Junk

In the Workshop: Revisit the beginning of human space travel and track space flight accomplishments through science and art. 

In the Planetarium: Right now there are thousands of human-made satellites in orbit around the Earth. They enable us to transmit signals around the globe, see Earth from above the atmosphere and track where we’re going on our phones so our mapping apps take us directly where we want to go. But what happens when these satellites are no longer operational? Do they ever run into each other? Join us to learn about the space junk currently surrounding the Earth and in the rest of the solar system.REGISTER NOW


#Project Phenomena Work Group

Cost: $125 (to SDCOE)
Date: November 28-29
Time: 8 a.m.–3 p.m.

  • November 28 will be held at the Fleet Science Center

  • November 29 will be held at the San Diego County Office of Education

Implementation Stage 1, 2, 3, 4

A two-day work group where participants deepen understanding of what scientific phenomena are and their importance in NGSS-aligned instruction. They learn how to identify useful phenomena which can drive instruction and student learning in the science classroom. They identify instructional resources to support student exploration, investigation, and explanation of relevant phenomena. 





About the Fleet Inquiry Institute

Since its inception in 2002 the Fleet Inquiry Institute has worked with over 14,000 educators in long-term, on-site and in-classroom professional development programs. We work with community partners to create and implement K-12 grade teacher professional development based on the process of science and learning science through inquiry.