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Discover the Savory Specials of Galileo’s Café

Galileo’s Café serves up delicious, affordable classics like chili cheese dogs, chicken salads and pizza, but what if you are more adventurous? Does Galileo’s Café live up to its name and challenge the culinary status quo just as Galileo himself challenged his generation about the Earth’s position in the galaxy? The answer is … yes!

Galileo’s Café offers its customers daily specials that excite both taste buds and wallets. From pulled pork dirty chips to loaded Chicago dogs, Galileo’s Café has a variety of flavors for you to experience. Each day, one specialty dish is featured in addition to the regular menu. There are no consecutive repeats of the specials, and some specialty menu items reflect the season. For example, the Summer Solstice Salad is an expression of summer’s bright colors and refreshing San Diego breeze. The salad features bright mandarin orange slices and fresh strawberries topped with a delicate raspberry vinaigrette—a perfect dish that will leave you refreshed during your day at Balboa Park.

The prices for the daily specials are exceptionally reasonable (under $10), and there is even a family special meal that feeds four. The family special consists of a 10-inch pepperoni pizza, four regular soft drinks and four bags of chips, all for only $21.95.

Now, you might be asking “What if I want to eat at Galileo’s Café but am not planning on visiting the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center?” Well, the fantastic news is that you don’t have to purchase an admission to eat at Galileo’s Café. That’s right, we invite all Balboa Park visitors to enjoy the tasty delights that Galileo’s Café has to offer. You can order from the café and enjoy patio seating, or you can take your meal and eat in the park or sit at the fountain during your lunch break.