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Introducing the Tinkerers' Club

Onager catapult

The Fleet’s Tinkering Studio, a place where tinkerers of all ages can create, explore and experiment, has expanded to include the Tinkerers’ Club!

The Tinkering Studio has always been a learning, creative environment that allows tinkerers to explore math, science, engineering and more through hands-on experimentation. Since most of the materials used in the studio are donated, sometimes the tinkerers cannot take home their creations. The new Tinkerers’ Club allows tinkerers to keep their inventions, and in the future, the club may provide funding to expand the Tinkering Studio, and its programs, even further.

In the month of July, Tinkerers will be able to learn about basic building skills and power tool safety. They will have the opportunity to construct a Tower of Hanoi, an onager catapult or a handcrafted wooden vehicle, all made using real saws, drills, hammers and other tools right in the Tinkering Studio.

Join the Tinkerers’ Club each Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., right before Family Science Saturday. The program costs $12 for Fleet members, and $15 for nonmembers, per project. Fleet admission is charged separately. If a parent and child wish to work on a project together, only one project fee will be charged. Project supplies are limited; advance registration is encouraged. For more information or to register online, visit http://www.rhfleet.org/events/tinkerers-club