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Exclusive Caterers

The following is a list of exclusive caterers for the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center. These caterers are familiar with the unique challenges presented to the food service professional when working in a museum environment. We are confident that their high standards will meet all of your requirements.


Brothers Signature Catering & Events

Carrie Garlejo
(858) 397-1777

Continental Catering

Kristie Emmons
(619) 698-3500

Creative Catering & Events

Kathryn Elias
(619) 672-0103

The French Gourmet

Michel Malecot
(858) 488-7125 x325


Eric Remington
(619) 685-5724

Ranch Events

Rhonda Wick
(619) 398-4840

Terra Catering + Events

Lisa Gradillas
(619) 993-1437

The Wild Thyme Company

Jeanna Grant
(858) 527-0226

Exclusive Beverage Service

BarWorks Catered Beverage Services

Carol Griswold
(858) 566-6077

BarWorks Must serve all aloholic beverages

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