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Building & Exhibits Technician

Date: 06/10/2013
Dept: Engineering & Exhibits
FLSA: Non-Exempt
Hours: Full-time

General Job Description:

Perform general maintenance and repairs throughout the building. Perform routine daily floor operation procedures throughout the Exhibition Galleries. Perform preventative maintenance, exhibit status documentation, and minor repairs. Assist with program events and temporary exhibit installation and de-installation as required by supervisor.

Reports to: Building Systems Supervisor & Exhibits Manager

Primary Duties and Responsibilities, including mental requirements of position:

  1. Work under the direction of the Engineering Systems Supervisor to accomplish repairs or to replace facility equipment and provide technical support for all building systems.
  2. Complete routine tasks as instructed by Supervisor. 
  3. Monitor facility equipment as required to ensure satisfactory equipment performance and reliability. 
  4. Execute preventative maintenance and spare part procurement programs.
  5. Monitor and maintain all theater seats, carpet, and lighting.
  6. Maintain log of repair work performed.
  7. Keep Supervisor updated on status of all facility equipment.
  8. Maintain system documentation for facility. 
  9. May be required to carry a pager to be on-call to assist in emergency situations and security alarm functions.
  10. Provide detailed documentation, description, and drawings as deemed necessary. 
  11. Provide technical assistance and supervision in electric/mechanical to all departments.
  12. Inspect exhibits and galleries for damage, defective parts or operational malfunctions.
  13. Work under the direction of the Exhibits Manager to insure that all exhibits within exhibit galleries are visitor-ready at all times.
  14. Perform preventative maintenance and cleaning on all exhibits.
  15. Monitor exhibits as required to ensure satisfactory performance and reliability and perform repairs as required.
  16. Order parts, tools and materials for exhibit maintenance and upgrades.
  17. Maintain exhibit and equipment records, including parts inventory and documentation of repairs, modifications and exhibit status.
  18. Suggest and implement operational redesign for improvement or upgrading of existing exhibits.
  19. Repair or recommend repair procedures for outreach equipment and, when applicable, facilitator demonstration equipment.
  20. Assist with the installation and dismantling of traveling and permanent exhibitions.
  21. Performs routine housekeeping and maintenance in personal and shared work areas.
  22. Be knowledgeable of safety and emergency procedures.

Please note that the above job description is not all inclusive of actual job duties and is meant to give an applicant a basic summary of the job opportunity being offered.

Tools and equipment used to perform this position: telephone, miscellaneous shop equipment including: band saw, belt/disk sander, brake/shear, drill press, grinder, jig saw, router, lathe, milling machine, table saw, torch/gas, cutting equipment, assorted power and manual hand tools, and hilti tool.

Supervision, direction, or guidance provided for this position: Performs routine duties without supervision. Supervision required for training on new equipment or for new responsibilities. 

Basic Selection Factors:

To be considered qualified for the job, applicants should meet these basic selection factors:

  • Two years mechanical and electrical technician experience working with the above listed tools and equipment.
  • General knowledge of tools.
  • Demonstrated fabrication ability in wood, acrylic, laminate, metals and other media.
  • Proven ability to work independently, multi-task effectively, determine priorities and meet deadlines.
  • Proven organizational, recordkeeping and inventory management skills.
  • Proven attention to detail.
  • Intermediate to advanced computer knowledge preferred. Basic knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook) required.
  • Ability to communicate effectively on the telephone, in person and in writing a must.
  • Ability to perform mathematical operations as needed for position.
  • Familiarly with Science Center exhibits preferred.

Please note: final applicants may be tested on their Microsoft Office computer skills and may be asked to demonstrate writing, proofreading and mathematical skills. 

Physical/Mental Requirements:

To be considered for the job, applicants must be able to perform with reasonable accommodation, all physical & mental requirements of the position.

Heavy Work: Position involves ability to frequently or constantly exert up to 20 pounds of force, frequently exert up to 50 pounds of force and occasionally up to 100 pounds of force to move objects.

Business Location Presence: This position requires physical presence at the business location during all assigned working hours in order to adequately perform all duties.

Physical Demands:

The following activities indicated by a Y (YES) are used in performing the job.

Y Balance Y Carrying 1-10 lbs daily
Y Crawling Y Far vision
Y Grasping Y Kneeling
Y Legs and arms (ladder) Y Lifting 11-20 lbs occasionally
Y Near vision Y Reaching
Y Right finger dexterity Y Standing
Y Talking Y Walking
Y Working inside the building Y Ability to push a wheelchair
Y Working with others Y Climbing
Y Carrying 11-20 lbs daily Y Crouching
Y Feeling Y Hearing
Y Left finger dexterity Y Legs only (stairs)
Y Lifting 21-50 lbs daily Y Pulling
Y Repetitive Motions Y Shoulder mobility
Y Stooping Y Travel
Y Working outside the building Working alone
Ability to spend entire shift standing and/or walking    

Does occupation involve exposure in these areas (yes or no)?

Y Hazardous machinery Y Vibration Y Dust or Fumes
Y Cluttered floors Y Poor ventilation Y Possible burns
Y Electrical hazards Y Noise Y Wet areas
Y Poor lighting Y

Crowded areas


Persons who wish to be considered for this job must submit the following documents to Human Resources. 

Please submit the following:

  1. Cover letter
  2. Resume
  3. Employment Application

To: Human Resources Department (BET 11-0610-13REF)
Fleet Science Center
P.O. Box 33303
San Diego, CA 92163

Or, via email to: with "Building & Exhibits Technician (BET 11-0610-13REF)" in the subject line.

Please send resume in a format readable by Microsoft Word 2003 (.doc) or Adobe Reader (.pdf).
*** Please note: our firewall blocks all emails containing .zip file attachments. ***

Only selected candidates will be contacted for an interview.

NO PHONE CALLS please. Due to the high volume of calls we are unable to respond to inquiries.

The Fleet Science Center is an equal opportunity employer. The Science Center does not discriminate in employment on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability, Vietnam Era Veteran or disabled veteran status, genetic information, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation or any other protected status as provided by law.