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Tinkering Studio Activity Volunteer

Position Description


Tinkering Studio Activity Volunteers help create an environment where visitors can engage in extended building, experimenting and an ever-changing array of fun activities designed to spark curiosity and foster creative activity. Tinkering Studio Activity Volunteers assist in facilitating playful and inventive activities using science, art and technology.

Key Responsibilities

  • Assist in creating a warm and welcoming environment for guests
  • Facilitate open-ended educational activities
  • Convey appropriate presentation styles that engage audiences and encourage further exploration
  • Assist in organizing and maintaining Tinkering Studio materials and equipment
  • Stay knowledgeable of current exhibitions, theater shows and events
  • Be knowledgeable of safety and emergency procedures


  • Energetic, outgoing and friendly, with a background and interest in science and/or education
  • Desire to interact with children and adult visitors from diverse backgrounds, being courteous, professional, patient and respectful at all times
  • Previous experience teaching or working with children is preferred
  • Able to stay in one area for long periods of time
  • Present a professional appearance
  • Excellent communication skills and can act with diplomacy and tact
  • Comfortable interacting with people you don’t know, or interest in gaining this skill

Time Commitment

Volunteers are asked for a minimum service commitment of 80 hours.  Volunteer when you can!  Note: volunteers must have availability for Tinkering Studio shifts between 11:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.


All volunteers participate in the “Orientation and Training.” Tinkering Studio Volunteers will also participate in the Mentorship Program where they will work alongside an experienced volunteer for a minimum of 3 shifts. Tinkering Studio Volunteers have 30 days to complete the Mentorship Program.

Tinkering Volunteer Impact

Tinkering Studio Activity Volunteers play an integral part in the science center’s operations by helping with the care of the Tinkering Studio and by ensuring that visitors have excellent and enjoyable experiences at the Fleet. They also support the Fleet’s mission as catalysts for each visitors own discovery process and understanding of science and technology.