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Engineering Festival

A scene from Dream Big
A scene from Dream Big
A scene from Dream Big
A scene from Dream Big
A scene from Dream Big
A scene from Dream Big
Build a car and race it in the derby!
Build a car and race it in the derby!

In conjunction with our giant-screen film Dream Big: Engineering Our World and our engineering-themed exhibition, Dream! Design! Build!, the Fleet Science Center is holding our first-ever Engineering Festival. This event will take place during October, which is Kids’ Free month, so kids 12 and under can attend the festival for FREE!*

The Engineering Festival will include:

  • Engineering information and activities from over a dozen San Diego engineering organizations! See them in the Theater Lobby and in Dream! Design! Build! upstairs.

  • Screenings of Dream Big every other hour, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.**

  • All Fleet exhibitions open, including Dream! Design! Build! and Game Masters.

  • Genius in the House” featuring sound engineer Dr. Chris Warren, noon to 3 p.m.—free! Play music through gaming instruments!

  • Current members of the Fleet’s BE WiSE program will help you design, decorate, refine and race your own derby cars on the Fleet's 42' race track.

Plus, adults and kids can make Marshmallow Shooters in the Tinkering Studio and girls in Grades 5–8 can register for a Saturday Science Club workshop. Please register in advance for these activities. Additional fees apply. 


Some of the featured engineering organizations at the festival are: 

  • Society of Women Engineers: Learn how to build your own extending grabber.
  • Structural Engineers Association of San Diego: Use marshmallows and skewers to create buildings and structures.
  • Yonder Dynamics: Explore robotics with a space rover!
  • Design Code Build: Learn coding through hands-on activities and paper storyboards.
  • American Society of Civil Engineers: Explore fun engineering projects, including a concrete canoe and a steel bridge.
  • WTS Women in Transportation: Use recyclables and toys to build transportation models.
  • American Society of Materials International: Discover the many applications materials such as metals, ceramics and plastics have in engineering.
  • Aztec Baja: Explore engineering with an interactive transaxle, carbon fiber cut outs, steel cut outs and a real go-cart!
  • American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics: Discover the engineering and technologies behind a radio control aircraft model.

Join the fun, and discover just how exciting engineering is!


*Coupon required. Visit the San Diego Museum Council's website to download your coupon. 

**Additional fee applies for Kids Free coupon users.