The Fleet Science Center is temporarily closed to support the efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19.
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Super Tuscan Sponsors

Martin and Carol Dickinson


San Diego Gas & Electric

Sara Zaknoen


Barolo Sponsors

Steph Barry

Loreen Collins and Howard Appel

John and Margaret Driver

Pam Fair and Glen Sullivan

Peter and Peggy Preuss

David and Phyliss Sarkaria

University of California, San Diego


General Donations

Reuben H. Fleet Foundation Fund

Judy and Dr. Alan M. Moffson

Victor and Jeanne Orphan

Nancy Robertson and Mark Cookingham

Richard Traci and Myra Durbin


Event Underwriting

Carol and Jeffrey Chang

Pam Fair and Glen Sullivan

Jane Trevor Fetter and Tom Fetter

Paul Nierman and Deborah Horwitz

Nancy Robertson and Mark Cookingham

Judy and Chuck Wheatley