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10:00am to 6:00pm

Genius in the House!

What can take your fun day at the science center to the next level? Genius in the House! This event brings brainiacs from fields such as biology, art, engineering, mathematics and more to the Fleet to enhance the exhibit experience. This is a casual event in the exhibit galleries, not a lecture, so you'll have the chance to chat with the genius and ask questions. Explore themes from our exhibitions in ways that are both insightful and delightful.

October 20 


Noon - 3 p.m. 


Ever wonder how scientists discover basic principles of biology? We use what we call "model organisms". These are well-studied organisms ranging from single-celled bacteria to mice. Talk with scientists from UCSD BioEASI to discover the pros and cons of different model organisms, and how we use basic research to answer questions relevant to our daily lives.

November 10

Inspiration Robotics

Noon - 3 p.m. 

Explore the Engineering Design Process and Robotics learning for elementary to university students.  

 Check back for future dates to learn more about our watershed.  

Genius in the House

Ever wonder what happens to rain? Where does the water go? How does it move through San Diego and how does trash end up in our ocean? Come learn about water pathways and the San Diego Bay Watershed!!! Discover the importance of healthy ecosystems and how you can make a big difference in helping to keep San Diego’s beaches, bays, and waterways clean!!  Hosted by the Resource Conservation District of Greater San Diego, a local special district working to protect and restore our natural resources through education and technical assistance.

For more info visit us at www.rcdsandiego.org  or get in touch at info@rcdsandiego.org