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10:00am to 6:00pm

Maker Faire San Diego

In Balboa Park, and at the Fleet!

We are all makers!
We are all makers!
Cupcake cars
Cupcake cars
Giant robot
Giant robot
Battle pond
Battle pond
Cardboard Combat Bots
Cardboard Combat Bots
Get your tickets
Get your tickets

The Fleet Science Center is excited to be an important part of Maker Faire San Diego in Balboa Park! On Saturday and Sunday, October 7 and 8, your Maker Faire ticket gives you access to the Fleet to enjoy our exciting interactive exhibits—plus special maker stations and presentations—from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. each day!

During Maker Faire San Diego at the Fleet, you can see:

Featured Makers:

  • NewEgg: Drones and technology products
  • STEM@CSUSM Mobile Making Program: Explore motion and electronics with the STEM@CSUSM outreach team. Check out robotics projects from our after school clubs, discover how to make your own digital bling or create a unique masterpiece with our collection of BrushBots and ScribbleBots.
  • Burning Man Wonderlust Arcade: Come play custom arcade creations in the Wonderlust Arcade! Made for Burning Man, these arcade games are sure to amaze and amuse.
  • The Robots of MassMind.org: MassMind.org has been promoting education, automation and open source sharing since the 1990s. Come see a selection of robots, robotic systems and educational displays promoting open source automation.
  • Warhammer 40k: The Warhammer 40k community is a diverse group devoted to active sci-fi and fantasy tabletop games. Participants build & paint 28mm scale miniatures, organize them into armies and play games with scale scenery. Games last anywhere from 2 to 4 hours!
  • Snap-Ships: Snap-Ships is a modular, 3D-printed construction toy that lets you build fantastic looking miniature spaceships. Hundreds of pieces—cockpits, wings, engines, weapons—allow limitless ship designs. Then, see your ship come to life in our AR app! 
  • Light Painting Stick: The Light Painting Stick is an RGB LED light stick that allows you to create abstract and photo-realistic images onto your long-exposure photograph. Take your long-exposure photography to a new level! 
  • 3Dynamicx: 3Dynamicx is a startup providing 3D printing, laser cutting and CNC router services. Our philosophy is to take advantage of these technologies to develop projects with social impact in our community, focus on developing technology and promote STEM.
  • Create a Schematic for an Electronic Design: Need to design electronics for your project? OrCAD provides leading product development solutions trusted by engineers worldwide. EMA Design Automation also offers a complete range of design support tools, services, training and technical support.
  • Cubibot:  Cubibot is an easy, high-quality 3D printer with a compact design made to fit your lifestyle. Cubibot balances functionality and ease of use without compromising features, matching the performance of professional 3D printers at an affordable cost!
  • Feetz: Sustainability is key in what we do. Our heart is in producing products that leave little behind. Our products require zero water and are made using recycled and recyclable materials, reducing our carbon footprint by 60%.
  • Haddington Dynamics: Haddington Dynamics invites you to meet Dexter, a 3D-printed haptic robot. Interact with Dexter by programming it in JavaScript or by moving him around.
  • How Computers Work Inside: See how business-oriented computers work inside, from operating code to display. This machine adds and subtracts 8-bit numbers to demonstrate basic computer operation.
  • MESH: MESH is kit of app-enabled modules for prototyping and building projects for the Internet of Things. Add wireless technology and the best of the Internet of Things to your projects instantly with MESH blocks.
  • Ninja CNC: Ninja CNC is a desktop workshop! It's got a CNC mill, 3D printer and laser engraver. Ninja was designed to bring professional capabilities to any maker. Ninja has quite impressive features and boasts a 2 1/4 power cutting mill. Nothing compares with its size and power.
  • Two:35: At Two:35, we have developed a simplified computer kit as well as a curriculum to teach the fundamentals of computer hardware and software. With our kit, users can build a computer in under an hour and use our curriculum to become IT certified.
  • We Made Our Cottage Industry Infinitely Scalable With 3-D Printed Tooling: Not only is it economical to 3D print our product, we 3D print our tools as well.
  • San Diego Arduino Enthusiasts: We love Arduino! 
  • Full Spectrum Laser and Epilog Laser: Laser-cutter manufacturers


  • AudioBody: The synthesis of music, comedy, and technology: AudioBody’s performance is an electronic journey into an unknown realm of seriously spectacular entertainment.

Hands-On Activities: 

  • Cardboard Combat Arena: Learn about San Diego Makers Guild's Cardboard Combat Bots! Watch a cardboard combat bot competition. Maybe even make your own bot!


  • 3 Paws Up: Karolyn Smith is the 2014 Veteran of the Year for the 71st District, a speaker, author and innovative 3D-prototype creator for her cat, Sophia the Bionic Cat, who is the Ambassador for the San Diego Humane Society and an amputee. Find out more about this story at www.3pawsup.com.
  • Blind Presentersfrom the Living Library .
  • Life-Benefits of Making: Most of us have a sense that "making is good." For the young, especially, it can have an important impact on their prospects in life. Come hear why making is important, where we should be doing more of it and how you can get involved in San Diego.
  • Me, You, and The Blues: The Blues was birthed in our country before the 1900s and is the foundation for all other popular forms of music that have since followed. Join Sharon DuBois and learn to create your very own Blues song!
  • The Robotics Behind the Aluminum Narwhals: FRC Team 3128, The Aluminum Narwhals, will be discussing their experiences and what it means for young makers to have a team at Canyon Crest Academy.
  • Maker EducationInspiring the Next Generations with STEAM: Andres Ruelas will present on the Maker Movement and implementation of STEAM Education in Mexicoin collaboration with the public and private sector, academia and society. Andres will also talk about the impact of the Science Against Violence program.
  • Bridging the Gap Between Maker Fun and Educational Necessities: Brian Alvara and Victor Ciccarelli will talk about the approaches they have used to overcome the unique obstacles encountered when trying to bring the free-flowing creativity of the maker into the established, regimented environment of the modern school.

Visit the Maker Faire website for more information about the event and to purchase your Maker Faire tickets. You can also purchase onsite in Balboa Park.

In addition to buying a Maker Faire ticket, you can participate in the Maker Faire activities at the Fleet if:

  • You are a Fleet member.
  • You are an Explorer member.
  • You purchase a ticket to the Fleet this weekend.