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10:00am to 6:00pm

Maker Faire San Diego

In Balboa Park, and at the Fleet!

Giant robot
Giant robot
Cupcake cars
Cupcake cars
Cardboard Combat Bots
Cardboard Combat Bots

The Fleet Science Center is excited to be an important part of Maker Faire San Diego in Balboa Park! On Saturday and Sunday, October 7 and 8, your Maker Faire ticket gives you access to the Fleet to enjoy our exciting interactive exhibits—plus special maker stations and presentations—from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. each day!

During Maker Faire San Diego at the Fleet, you can see:

Featured Makers:

  • Haddington Dynamics: Manually train robots by touch and then exact playback of the paths created.
  • Northrop Grumman FabLab: Play with a giant Rubik’s cube, see drones and power up a small-scale fusion energy demonstrator.
  • Wonder of Raspberry Pi: Make great project using Raspberry Pi.
  • PVC Chair: An Open-Source, Low-Cost Pediatric Powerchair: Build a power wheelchair out of parts from your hardware store and Amazon.
  • Tigase IoT One Cloud: Add Internet of Things capability to almost anything using our platform.
  • How We Expand: Grow your cottage industry exponentially without a huge capital outlay.
  • FinFootiez: Test out this revolutionary new swim fin on water and dry land.
  • Making Math Make Sense: Assemble Golden Ratio Calipers to find golden ratio, make a Parallel Ruler and use on Mercator Map, make a nametag from the stages of a Koch Fractal, make a mini spreadsheet to go with earrings you design.
  • SpaceCV: Create and experiment with conductive play-doh to understand the basics of electronics in the universe.
  • ImmodderNation: Build featured projects as seen on the YouTube channel.
  • MyMakerTools: Power your Maker projects from USB.
  • Open Source DLP 3D printer: Sculpt a 3D model.
  • Quest for Space: Run experiments on the ISS while learning electrical engineering, software programming and the science behind heat and heat transfer.
  • CP/Maker Lisp Machine: Write Lisp programs for embedded and control and DIY projects.
  • Epilog Laser
  • DIY RoboCars: Scale autonomous vehicles.
  • Learn to Solder (Sponsored by American Hakko): Learn the basics of soldering by creating your very own blinky LED Robot pin! Soldering, useful in electronics repair and building, is an essential skill to get started in making.
  • Me, You and the 12-Bar Blues: Compose your very own blues song.
  • Women: The Future of STEAM: Get girls involved in science and technology.
  • Restructuring Education for the Maker Mindset: Think about teaching math like a maker.
  • Having Fun with AI!
  • Wonderspaces
  • Random Robotic's Mission to Mars: Make and explore with robots.
  • Steve's Machine Empire: Make cool machines and see how they work.
  • Don Alarm: The Water Pressure Alert: Detect high water pressure and understand the risk and impact of high water pressure.
  • Electronics Craft and Game: Make craft butterfly and lamp circuit decorations.
  • Emerald Sun: Future City Project: Guests will be given a basic building kit that includes recyclable materials to build a miniature futuristic city.

Visit the Maker Faire website for more information about the event and to purchase your Maker Faire tickets. You can also purchase onsite in Balboa Park.

In addition to buying a Maker Faire ticket, you can participate in the Maker Faire activities at the Fleet if:

  • You are a Fleet member.
  • You are an Explorer member.
  • You purchase a ticket to the Fleet for the weekend of October 6–7.

Find out more about Maker Faire on social media! Use the hashtag #MakerFaireSanDiego in your posts!

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