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A World From a Sheet of Paper

A special lecture by Dr. Tadashi Tokieda, Professor of Mathematics, Stanford University

Tadashi Tokieda flying a kite by Davey Hubay
Tadashi Tokieda flying a kite by Davey Hubay

The Fleet Science Center and The Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI) are excited to present a special lecture from Stanford University professor of mathematics, Dr. Tadashi Tokieda.


Starting from just a sheet of paper, by folding, stacking, crumpling, sometimes tearing, we will explore a variety of phenomena, from magic tricks and geometry to nonlinear elasticity and the traditional Japanese art of origami. Much of the lecture consists of table-top demos, which you can try later with friends and family.

So, take a sheet of paper ... .


This Suds & Science special event will be held at the Fleet Science Center in Balboa Park.



About the Speaker

Tadashi Tokieda grew up as a painter in Japan and became a classical philologist in France, before switching to mathematics and physics. He is currently professor of mathematics at Stanford University; previously he taught at Cambridge University in England. He is one of the world's most distinguished disseminators of mathematics, and teaches regularly at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS). Thanks to a generous grant from Irwin and Joan Jacobs, his demonstrations are seen on the YouTube channel Numberphile, which has recorded and released 20 of his videos, amassing over 10 million views so far, with many more videos planned. 


"Wondrous qualities can be found in even the smallest details, through the eyes of Japanese mathematician Tadashi Tokieda." —ICM 2018


"Rediscover the world through the eyes of a child as Tadashi Tokieda shares his 'toys,' showing how everyday objects can reveal intriguing behaviors that set physicists and mathematicians thinking for days." —National Museum of Mathematics


"He is simply the best lecturer I have ever seen." —Simon Rubinstein-Salzeda, on Quora