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Dream! Design! Build!

Explore the Fleet's collection of engineering activities in Dream! Design! Build! This exhibition features the classic favorite Block Busters and the versatile Fit-a-Brick Build Zone. These hands-on building activities invite people of all ages to dream like a visionary, design like an architect and build like an engineer.


The Fit-a-Brick Build Zone is a hands on interactive gallery where LEGO® lovers can explore their creativity and build their own creations with LEGO bricks or LEGO DUPLO® blocks. The Fit-a-Brick Build Zone features adult and kid-sized work stations and a display area for visitors to share their most impressive creations. Monthly challenges will incorporate elements of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) to encourage builder to explore new feats in LEGO engineering. Preschoolers will have their very own "brick building" area using jumbo beginners' blocks. We invite you to dream, design and build with LEGO and LEGO DUPLO at the Fleet Science Center.



What Can You Build?

Build from the ground up using KEVA planks and your imagination. KEVA stands for "Knowledge - Exploration - Visual Arts" and the hands-on nature of KEVA planks encourages creativity, concentration, design skills, and collaboration from visitors of all ages.

Structures are built by stacking the long, skinny and uniform maple wood planks in an infinite number of ways. No glue or connectors are necessary. Once your tower has been built and admired, you'll quickly find that half the fun is in knocking it down.

Visitors who want to take the "Block Busters!" challenge can test their skills with the following building experiments:

"Spirals" - Make a structure using spirals. How many different types of spirals can be made? How can the number of layers be designed to complete a revolution?

"Impossible Structures" - Build a structure and remove some of the planks to create a sculpture that could not be built from the ground up, such as an eagle or upright hexagon.

"Think Like an Architect" - Build a tower as tall as yourself! Add patterns and decorative structure to make it more interesting.

"Minimalism" - Build a sculpture using only the most essential elements, like an airplane out of three planks.