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It's Electric

 How does electricity get into your home video
How does electricity get into your home video
Jumping ring
Jumping ring
It's Electricity exhibit
It's Electricity exhibit

It’s Electric is the newest addition to the Fleet Science Center’s permanent collection that brings the science and the history of electricity to life through interactive activities. Fundamental principles such as magnetic fields, electric charges and battery technology are explored through interactive stations.

It’s Electric offers hands-on learning for the whole family and is comprised of 16 interactive stations with Spanish/English text panels. Each display engages visitors in the many fascinating facets of electricity. It’s Electric invites visitors to test their understanding of electricity and experiment with different charges by:

  • becoming a human battery
  • operating a telegraph
  • handling a plasma tube
  • discovering if you are attracted to magnets

…and many other fun, hands-on activities.

Visitors can safely examine concepts such as static electricity and live current, motors, batteries and wires, attraction and repulsion, sparks, charge and discharge, voltage, AC/DC, magnetic fields and magnetic motion, lights, telegraphs and transmitters and more.

This exhibition is generously funded by The Kiwanis Club of San Diego
and the San Diego Kiwanis Club Foundation.

This exhibition is also available en Español