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Origins in Space

Spin-Offs in Science and Technology

Every day, in a variety of ways, our lives are touched by space technology. Join us as we explore just a few of the advances made possible through our exploration of the cosmos.  For over 50 years, NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) along with a host of other science and technology-based industries and individuals have been conducting research in four main areas:

Aeronautics: developing and testing new flight technologies which have practical applications on Earth.

Explorations Systems: creating new affordable, sustainable systems for human and robotic exploration.

Science: exploring Earth, the Moon, Mars and beyond; charting the best route discovery; and reaping the benefits of Earth and space exploration for society.

Space Operations: providing critical enabling technologies for much of the rest of NASA through the space shuttle, the international space station and flight support.

Work in these area resulted in innovations that continue to enhance our everyday life as well as a wealth of discoveries that have advanced knowledge in all areas of science.