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Retro-Active Science

Explore the Fleet's classic collection of hands-on science exhibits, guaranteed to engage your mind and appeal to your senses. Located in the Fleet's Main Gallery, these interactive science exhibits may surprise you with new discoveries about the world around you. Exhibits are designed for all ages and cover a variety of fundamental science principles, from light and perception to physics and engineering. There are more than 30 exhibits awaiting you. Come explore science with us. 
Retro-Active Topics:
  • Move It!

The world around us is in motion, and so is science! What can we learn about nature and our own bodies through movement?

  • What Goes Around

Ever play with a tornado? Want to explore how gravity works? These popular interactives bring the science of wind, energy and physics to life.

  • Feel Your Way

What can we learn with our sense of touch? Intriguing hands-on experiences are at your fingertips (literally).

  • Say What?

Have you ever stood between two parabolic dishes? Find out how to share secrets across a room with only a whisper.

  • Light Side of Science

Don't be afraid of the dark-or of science. Light can take many forms ... and it can tell us a great deal about the world around us.

  • Illusion

These exhibits may deceive your senses, but they'll also demonstrate that what we perceive is often radically different from reality.


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