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Marine fossils found near Normal Heights


Image: San Diego Natural History Museum

In March 2016, while constructing a bike pathway next to SR-15 between the neighborhoods of Normal Heights and Kensington, surveyors found fossilized whale bones and shells. 

What questions do you have about this discovery? For example:

  • How did remains of marine life end up on dry land?
  • What does this finding tell us about this area over thousands or millions of years?
  • What can this evidence tell us about Earth's processes over time?


The San Diego Union-Tribune, Whale bones, other marine fossils, found along SR-15 

Washington Post, When California digs, paleontologists are there to bag the fossils -- even whales

NGSS Connections

2-ESS1-1, ESS1.C The History of Planet Earth

4-ESS1-1, ESS1.C: The History of Planet Earth

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Earth and Space Science