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Journey Into Amazing Caves

Meet Dr. Hazel Barton and Nancy Aulenbach. They are cavers who risk fatal danger for the thrill of discovery. Barton and Aulenbach are extreme athletes and extreme scientists—scientists who gather their data in treacherous places where few dare to follow. In this film, they travel to caves in Arizona, Greenland and Mexico, searching for discoveries that may lead to cures for diseases.

The Fleet is pleased to offer the Rear Window closed-captioning system. When you purchase your ticket, tell the guest services associate that you would like to use the closed-caption service. The service is complimentary, and it is accessible in the upper-right seating area of the theater.

Escucha el audio en español mientras ves la función en inglés. Solicita los audífonos de cortesía en la taquilla.

Assistive listening devices increase the intelligibility of theater presentations by enhancing the narration and dialogue and lowering music and sound effects. Ask for a complimentary headset at the Ticket Counter.