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High Tech High Fair

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Interested in the 2019 High Tech Fair?

Want to inspire your students to follow a career in a scientific field? Then we urge you to consider making the High Tech Fair one of your field trips this year. Even better? We can help you cover the cost for bussing and substitutes!

As an educator, we know that you see the potential your students have to be truly exceptional. At the High Tech Fair, your students will enjoy seeing the real-life applications of what they are learning in the classroom. They won’t simply be watching someone else present something or reading from a brochure; they’ll be participating in hands-on activities and asking questions that reinforce the learning they do at school.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please email communityalliances@rhfleet.org.


The 2018 High Tech Fair saw attendance from over 35 San Diego-area schools: