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The Sky Tonight

Monthly Astronomer-Led Planetarium Show

Join us on the first Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. or 8:15 p.m. for a tour of the solar system narrated by the Fleet’s astronomer. Journey through the cosmos with us as we explore a new topic each month. 

For optimal viewing, each show is limited to 250 attendees. Avoid sold-out shows by purchasing tickets in advance.

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Adult $14 $12
Junior $12 $10
Senior $13 $11
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Free telescope viewing with the San Diego Astronomy Association
available outside after the shows, weather permitting. This is a separate event held on the first Wednesday of each month.

Planetarium Show Age Recommendation

Due to the darkness required in the theater and the sophisticated nature of the material presented, planetarium shows are not recommended for children 5 years and under.

Planetary Society Members Save!

The Planetary Society is the world’s largest member based non-profit space interest group. Its members are from around the world (headquarters: Pasadena, CA). Visit their site for more information. http://www.planetary.org


January 8 - Special Date, due to holiday
Jewels of the Sky

The night sky is dotted with stars that make up the constellations we discuss each month. But as we look closer, we see the star some in a variety of colors and sizes, masses and groupings. Join us in January to learn more about these spectacular jewels of the sky. 


February 5

Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system and is easily visible in the sky this winter.  Join us this month to learn about this amazing world and its family of moons.

March 5
A Different View of the Sky

To the eye, the night sky is collection of stars and planets scattered across deep black canvas. But what would these objects look like if you could see them at other wavelengthsultraviolet? X-rays? Radio? Join us this month for a different view of the sky.

April 2
Back to the Moon

The Moon is our closest celestial companion. You are familiar with its appearance in the sky, but we've also studied the Moon by sending spacecraft there. Join us this month to learn more about the past and ongoing exploration of the Moon.

May 7
The Earth from Above

You live on Earth and are familiar with it from your earthbound location, but do you know how it looks from space? Wouldn't you like to see that view? Join us this month and learn what the Earth looks like from above.