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Spring Camps

Spring Camps are March 30 - April 3, 2015.



March 30–April 3, 2015

9 a.m.–­4 p.m.


Member: $50 per day
Non-member: $55 per day

Below are examples of camps we have offered in past years.  For more information, call (619) 238-1233 ext. 806

Example topics from past years:

The Terrestrial Planets

Investigate our closest neighbors in the solar system. Why is Venus so hot? Can we really build a space station on Mars? Find out the answers to these questions and many more.

The Gas Giants

Identify intriguing characteristics of the outer planets in our solar system. Discover what Saturn’s rings are made of, explore the moons of Jupiter and investigate the weather on Neptune.

Stars, Galaxies and Beyond

Have you ever wondered how many stars and galaxies are out there? Move beyond our solar system to explore the secrets of the night sky, and gain an appreciation for the vastness and beauty of space.

Living in Space

Experience what it’s like to live and work like an astronaut! Travel to the International Space Station in our Nierman Challenger Learning Center, create your own astronaut gear and design tools to make life in space a little less complicated.

Rocket Science

3.2.1. Blast off! Launch into this hands-on day of rocketry while uncovering the propulsion principles that send real rockets into space. Design, build and launch all types of rockets and other spacecraft.


Computer Programming

Ever wondered how to write code or make a video game like a real software engineer?  Join the Fleet’s Computer Programming camps provided by ThoughtSTEM!  ThoughtSTEM was founded by three UCSD PhD Students and now is a country-wide company that specializes in teaching computer programs to children in a fun and interactive way.  Sign up for a single day or enroll for the entire week.

March 30–April 3

9 a.m.–4 p.m.


Member: $60 per day
Non-member: $65 per day

Example topics from past years:

Magical Comics

Make your very own comic come to life! Make a comic on the computer and figure out how to make each character in your comic move and actually talk.


Make your first animated movie clip on the computer! See what it is like to be the maker of animated shorts. Re-tell your favorite story or make one up yourself!

Choose Your Own Adventure

Make and choose your very own adventure story. Make your story interactive and let your friends and family effect the story with their own choices.

Hungry, Hungry Elephant!

Create an interactive game on the computer where you can make an elephant run around the screen and eat all kinds of food! Be careful, though, because when he eats that candy he runs really quickly!

Make Music

Explore creating music using a computer. Compose interesting songs and even record your own voice into your music. Accompany your music with singing animals and you have yourself a band!