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Spring Camps


Join Spring Camps at the Fleet, where new adventures await each day! Grades 1–3 enjoy a variety of science activities and themes, like forensics and sci-fi, during spring break. Minecraft Computer Programming camp will be offered to campers in grades 4–7. Sign up for one day or multiple days!

Spring Science Camp

Grades 1–3

Spring Science Camps include explorations in the museum’s exhibit galleries and loads of hands-on activities. Sign up for individual days or the whole week!

Examples of previous topics are listed below:

Science Too Small to See
Some of the smallest things can have amazing impacts. Explore tiny cells that make up all living things and discover a whole world of microbes that live in you!

Science of Sleuthing
Explore techniques like fingerprinting and handwriting analysis. Analyze evidence like a forensic scientist and connect the dots to solve a crime!

Art and Science
Discover beauty in science! Explore the Fleet’s newest exhibitions—Art of Science Learning and Taping Shape—for artistic and science-based inspiration. Creating something unique!

Is it possible to fly to different planets and meet different life forms? Use science fiction as an inspirational tool to create your own sci-fi adventure in a galaxy far, far away.

Auto Craze
Shift in to gear as we build a variety of vehicles, and complete a crash-test using Newton’s Laws. Licenses not required!

Minecraft Computer Programming Spring Camp
Movie Minecraft Experience

Grades 4–7

This spring the Fleet Science Center and ThoughtSTEM have come together to bring you a Movie Minecraft Experience. This spring break you can learn to write Minecraft Mods that will allow you and your friends to truly experience your favorite movies through Minecraft. Each day you will learn how to customize your Movie Minecraft Experience with either custom blocks or items, creatures, schematics and even an entire mini-game! You do not have to take all of the courses, but taking more than one will lead you on the way to becoming a true Minecraft Modding Director!

Examples of previous topics are listed below:

Custom Blocks and Items

Create Custom Minecraft Blocks and Items that would be found in your favorite movie!

Custom Minecraft Projectiles
Watch out! We will be creating Minecraft Mods that will make objects go flying.

Custom Minecraft Buddy
Create a Minecraft Buddy who will be your movie sidekick.

Custom Minecraft Schematics
Replicate buildings and towns from a movie. What will you build?

Minecraft Mini-Game
Create a Minecraft Mini-Game that represents your favorite movie.

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