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10:00am to 6:00pm

Visiting Exhibitions

We are proud to attract the nation's premier traveling exhibitions to San Diego. Alongside our popular permanent attractions, each visiting installation brings an exciting new perspective on the wonder of science to our visitors.

The World's Largest Display of LEGO® Art Made Out of Millions of LEGO Bricks Opens Friday, September 30, 2016

Permanent Exhibitions

Our twelve permanent interactive exhibitions provide a unique self-guided learning experience for inquisitive children and adults alike. From outer space to inside the human body, explore the science of everything—including the kitchen sink.

Build Structures Tall and Wide
Explore Cells of the Human Body and Stem Cells
Can You Believe What You See and Touch?
A World of Fun Just for Kids!
Use Your Senses; Engage Your Mind
Imagine and Discover a World You Can't See
Spin-Offs in Science and Technology
From Source to Tap
An Illuminating Look at Energy
Discover Your Inner Inventor