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Science To Go Programs

Let Us Come To You

Have our education outreach staff deliver science programs directly to your school, library, community center, or other educational venue.  These programs are also available as after school programs.

Science To Go Programs

outreach programsIn addition to the programs listed below, some of our workshops can also be delivered to your school as Science To Go programs.


Monday – Friday
Programs must be scheduled two weeks in advance and are based on availability.

Weekend programs available with advance notice. Daytime outreach programs are scheduled in two-hour blocks to allow for set-up and breakdown times.


Making Reservations: We offer 2 ways to place your reservation request:


$225.00 for single program
$300.00 for double program of the same title in the same room.

Prices subject to change without notice.
Maximum of 34 students. Payment must be received two weeks in advance.

A mileage fee will be applied for schools located more than 30 miles round-trip from the Fleet Science Center.
Teacher or adult staff member from the school site must be present at all times.

Available Programs

Click on the titles below for details.

Choosing your Outreach Program

  • These programs must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance of the date you are requesting.
  • A mileage fee will be applied for schools located more than 30 miles round-trip from the Fleet Science Center.

States of Matter

(1 hour) Grades K

Explore the wonderful states of matter as students discover how liquids turn into solids, solids into liquids, liquids into gas and even solids into gas! After the students explore the relationships between the states of matter, our educator will present an out-of-this-world demonstration!

Insect Inspectors

(1.5 hours) Grades K–4

Why do some insects hop and others buzz? Explore amazing adaptations and learn about food chains in this program devoted to the incredible world of insects. A visit from a live insect ambassador is included!

Sound Science

(1.5 hours) Grades K-3

Investigate the many ways of making sound and discover how it travels through different substances. Experiment with waves, explore vibrations, and make an imaginative musical instrument. *1 hour program for Kindergarten

Adventurous Architects

(1.5 hours) Grades K-4

Explore the science of physics, engineering and architecture. Participate in a variety of engineering challenges, using Keva planks and other materials. *1 hour program for Kindergarten

Earth Explorations

(1.5 hours) Grades 2-4

Get up close and personal with earth science. Explore the properties of rocks, examine different types of soils, and determine how weathering and erosion contribute to the Earth’s landscapes.

Fantastic Forces

(1.5 hours) Grades 2–5

This hands-on program introduces students to friction, forces, and the laws of motion. After experimenting with parachutes, students design and build roller coasters to investigate the fundamental laws of physics.

Sensational Solar System

(1.5 hours) Grades 3–5

Learn fascinating information about our neighboring planets and discover why our solar system is so special with these out-of-this-world activities.

Energy Explorers

(1.5 hours) Grades 3–6

What is energy? Students investigate several different forms of energy, including light, sound, electrical, chemical, and thermal energy.

Food Webs

(1.5 hours) Grades 4–5

Take a closer look at ecosystems and determine the roles of different plants and animals. Find out how organisms interact and discover what happens when there is a break in the food chain.

Water Works

(1.5 hours) Grades 4-6

Students explore how water shapes the land, learn about the water cycle, investigate local watersheds, and devise ways to assist with water conservation.

Forensic Detectives

(1.5 hours) Grades 4–6

In this “mysterious” program, students use chemistry, geology, and physics to piece together evidence and crack the case. They learn how to classify mysterious powders, identify minerals, calculate the pH of soils, and perform chromatography to separate pigments.

DNA Decoded

(1.5 hours) Grades 6–8

Students learn how DNA makes us unique and how it can be used to solve crimes. Students extract DNA to take home and simulate the process of DNA fingerprinting.

Superhero Genetics

(1.5 hours) Grades 6–8

Genes play an important role in the makeup of all living things. In this humorous approach to genetics, students will use superheroes to discover the fundamental aspects of heredity, including alleles, dominance, phenotypes, genotypes, and mutations.