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Volunteer & Intern Opportunities (un-paid)

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If you have questions about volunteering, you are encouraged to attend an Open House, designed to address any concerns without the commitment!


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Are you looking for a corporate volunteer group opportunity? In a service club? Looking for a day of service opportunity?


Taping Shape is coming back to the Fleet as Taping Shape: Why Knot

This exhibition is an exploration of topology using knot theory. We have designed a structure that is a knot, and will be constructing it out of packing tape. 

Be a part of the installation! With our last tape structure, we had over 70 volunteers with over 300 human-power hours to build the tape structure in 10 days. Please email for more information. 










Ready to cross train?

If all the volunteer positions sound good to you, consider these ideas to help narrow down your choices.

Volunteers who cross train are still able to continue taking shifts as a Museum Ambassador!